We’ve talked to a lot of people on this podcast. But we’ve never talked to a fellow podcaster. Today we’re changing that with Dan Kihanya, host of the Founders Unfound podcast, which explores exceptional founders of African descent. Dan’s specialties include early-stage start-up strategies, fundraising, lean startup process, product-market fit, and customer growth. Among a long list of accomplishments, he’s the co-founder and Managing Director of Impact Hub Bellevue, and is the co-founder of MyPoints.com. In our chat, we learn about his background, get the inside story on his podcast, and what we can all do to change venture capital to see the possibilities presented by black entrepreneurs. In addition, we discuss the drive for the corporations to move capital into Black-owned banks and other community-based financial institutions. Of course, we also look into the future. 

Links to a couple of things we discussed: